Robert Bodnar

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The mystique of the Planar 0,7/50, shining for the NASA militance and the masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick, is much more intriguing considering the optical ancetres of the lens: when it was calculated, in early ’60s, it wasn’t drawed from the white paper but dusting off the wartime projects of superfast IR-Objektive used in cathode nacht-wandler for the nazi’s weapons; in the following upgrading you’ll find the unprecedented drawing of the precursor of this lens and of other similar wartime Zeiss lenses, unknown untill now, and for the first time an high resolution drawing of the Planar 50mm f/0,7 with the Kollmorgen converter used in Barry Lyndon, with all quotes last but not least, I added a series of snaps form Barry Lyndon’s scenes where this lens was on strike.
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